Monday, April 29, 2013


Today's featured designer is Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish. The 4 polishes I am reviewing are all very pretty and unique.  I really like the diversity in the on-line shop.  So many beauties to choose from, definitely something for everyone. Click on designer name or polish name to link you to the store.  Shop owner and designer Cathryn is offering $3 off any order $20 or more with the coupon code: BDETTENAILS
With Autism Awareness Month coming to a close, I definitely wanted to swatch this vibrant blue jelly.  I used 3 coats to achieve opacity and a Seche top coat.  It is loaded with blue and aqua hex and square glitter and a very subtle blue shimmer. And I love the name, being a Greek Mythology admirer!
Besides blue, white cremes with glitters hold a very dear place next to my heart and this design  is right up my alley.  I love the formula on this white creme, very easy to apply with 2 thin coats and a Seche topcoat. The various size hex in blue, green and purple made this one of my faves.  No fishing required and just a crisp clean look that I adore.
This true purple jelly is spectacular.  I am not an accomplished nail artist and that is why I love Indie designs that just pop because they do all the artwork for me.  This design creates such a gorgeous picture with purple and teal glitter, suspended in a shimmery purple jelly base that screams fun!
My last swatch is a black crelly filled to the max with various glitters.  I just love a 2 coater design!!! Below is a pic of the designer's to showcase the amount of lovely glitters this polish contains I really love a good dark polish with just the right amount of pop to make it stand out against a store brand. It is literally a constellaton overload!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I am so excited to feature Kassi Moughler, designer and owner of Lacquer Junkie.  I was fortunate to come across Kassi's 3-Free polish designs on Instagram.  She is a the proud mother of 4 and a self proclaimed polish addict since grade school. When I received my package from Kassi there was a polish included that said "Name It".  I am so honored she used the name I suggested! Coincidently today is her Birthday!!!! She is offering 24% off your purchase with the coupon code(which by the way she isn't):
I am so honored Kassi took my suggestion of naming this design Dark Ice Princess! Let me tell you why I'm gaga over this! First of all it's a blue jelly, my absolute favorite color. Secondly it has amazingly huge blue hexes that I love and various other glitters that highlight the huge hexes. And lastly I love the name!!!! I applied 2 thin coats over a matching undie(Rain Storm by Sinful Colors) and applied a new topcoat I am trying out by Island Girl. No fishing necessary!!!!
This is 2 coats layered over a matching undie(Unicorn by Sinful Colors).  This polish optimizes Spring in my eyes.  Those fabulous jumbo blue hexes and large red and orange hexes were super easy to get on the brush. Very festive look!
I usually don't buy or review too many toppers but when I say Acid Rain has made me a true believer I mean it! This super light almost clear yellow jelly is magic in a freaking bottle! It is jam packed with tiny neon yellow glitters, small gold shiny hexes and jumbo blue hexes(always a winner in my book)! I had so much fun with it I layered it over 2 different neons by Julep.  I can't wait to layer over black!!!! Kassi will be restocking this awesomeness in a bottle on May 7 so mark your calendars!
I am just amazed on how beautifully 3 thin coats of this pistacio green jelly did without an undie.  I tried with an undie and it really distracted from the uniqueness of the color. I am captivated by the neon pink butterflies, aqua squares, & subtle large neon green hex that make this my favorite of all featured today. My only regret is that I couldn't get a better pic. :0(

This definitely won't be last time you see this designer on my site!  If you want to go to her shop click on polish or designer name! Don't forget to use the coupon code:
to receive 24% off your entire order!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Tonight I am featuring 4 polishes by D&R Apothecary Nail Polish.  I was Etsy surfing (my favorite late night pastime) and came across this Indie Designer and was squealing at the huge and exciting assortment of polishes and sizes there were to choose from.  I like all the formulas but the colors and glitter combos have me drooling! If you see anything you like click on the designer name or polish name to take you straight to the store.
This is my absolute favorite polish from this designer!!!  This amazingly bright turquoise crelly is filled with fuchsia, hot orange and turquoise dots and hexes in metallic, matte and holographic finishes. I used only 2 thin coats and a Seche topcoat to make the magic happen!
This is a cream crelly with brown, gold, caramel and copper hex glitters in fine to large sizes; in both metallic and holographic finishes.  It has such an elegant and sophisticated look that makes it really stand out. 2 thin coats with a Seche topcoat was all it took, and I was ready to have tea with the Queen of England!
I am smitten with this beautiful black jelly filled with hex and shredded glitters in silver, and rainbow colors, fine to large in size; in both metallic and holographic finishes.  I really love to wear a nice black jelly anytime day or night. The glitters look like they actually float in mid-air! I used 3 thin coats with a Seche topcoat to achieve this galactic look!

Of all the designs, this one surprised me the most! I am not the biggest fan of reds and pinks but this pinky-red crelly has me mesmerized.  It literally looks like a Strawberry Patch on my nails and just so incredibly shiny and luscious it is mouth-watering delicious.  I applied 2 semi thin coats with a topcoat of Seche. This design is packed with glitters ranging in size from fine to large; square and hex in kelly green, black, rose pink and hot pink including matte, metallic and holographic glitters.
I have 4 more designs from D&R Apothecary that I will be putting in GIVEAWAYS next month so watch out!!!! You don't want to miss out!!!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lavish Polish

My prayers and condolences go out to everyone involved and affected in the Boston attack.
I'm in Las Vegas on a mini-trip and what better way start off my trip than with a blog about Lavish Polish who has awesome Vegas size designs!!! Designer Emely is also offering 15% off your entire purchase with the coupon code:
Clown Party
Clown Party is a cream colored milky based polish with a yellow tint, and has XLarge light blue matte hexes, large hot pink matte hexes, medium lavender matte hexes, small light blue, light green and neon yellow matte hexes(as described by designer Emely). I used 3 thin coats for opacity and a Seche topcoat to achieve this larger than life design. It is fun, playful and perfect in Vegas!
I really love this polish combination! It makes me want to go to a Cirque de Soleil show while I am here in Vegas with its dreamy quality.  I used 3 thin coats to reach opacity and a topcoat of Seche.  Purple Clouds is mint green crelly based nail polish that has lavender glitter. The glitter are lavender matte medium and small hexes and fine holo purple hexes(as described by designer).
I'm going to wear this fun and flirty grape jelly with fine purple glitter, small silver holo hex glitter and large purple hex glitter(which I adore) when I hit the Black Jack tables for some added luck!!! I love the way the hexes are suspended in midair, magical!! I used 3 thin coats and a top coat of Seche for this dazzling look.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Initial Lacquer

My prayers and condolences go out to everyone involved and affected in the Boston attack.
 Iris Wan is the owner of Initial LacquerAll polishes are hand-mixed in small batches so they may slightly vary. They are made with 3-Free ingredients, 2 stainless steel balls and are animal cruelty free. I also love the brushes she uses in her bottles. A good brush makes my 3 stroke application technique achievable.  Click on designer name or polish name to take you straight to her store to see all her lovely designs. She is also giving y'all 10% off your entire purchase with the coupon code below!

Arctic Night
This design is an amazing, out of this world, galaxy onto itself polish that only needed 2 thin coats for opacity.  The designer describes this polish as a jelly but it applied like a luscious creme in my opinion. It is packed full of holo silver, green and red micro fine glitters and dries with a matte finish. I applied a coat of Seche to give it a super sexy shine.  This is definitely my favorite of the 4 I swatched!
I LOVE THIS BRUSH!!!!! The best way I can describe this design is by calling it a creme glitterbomb with a holo glitter set in lavender and teal. Beautiful sparkle and shine.  It reached opacity in 2 thin coats and I used a Seche topcoat to seal the deal!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Urban Lacquer

The following 2 designs I am featuring are from Urban Lacquer.  I came across this exciting designer while Etsy surfing. Customer service is A+ with this shop owner! Click on Designer or polish name to take you to her store.
This is a rich yellow crelly full of gold flakies and iridescent shimmer.  It is named perfectly because it truly is the color of a baby yellow chick.  I used 2 thin coats (designer recommends 3) with a Seche topcoat.  It was a bit on the thick side, so I used the dap and spread method for the final coat to achieve full coverage.  I wish I could capture all the gold flakies that really makes this polish special.

This fantastic glitterbomb is made up of holo turquoise, royal blue, and color-shifting glitter in various sizes.  I used 2 thin coats over Concrete Catwalk by China Glaze to produce this stunning eye catching mani and sealed it with a topcoat of Seche. Easy to apply and so much fun to wear! This pic doesn't even come close to catching the blinding sparkle this design produces.  I am wearing The Blue today in observance of Autism Awareness month. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This is part 2 of my review on Tryst Lacquers by designer Kimberly Maranan who you can also find on Instagram, that is where I found her!!! Go check out her nail art, she is talented. Below are 5 more incredible polishes I swatched and reviewed from her collection. Click on the polish name or designer name to take you straight to her store.
 Cafe Au L'Amour 
This taupe jelly has amazing holographic micro glitters making this polish so unique that it is definitely my favorite of all the polishes being posted today. Even with the formula being a littler thicker than I am comfortable using, I am still placing this as my #1 due to its ingenuity! I layered 2 coats over OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons(makes perfect undie) and just couldn't stop admiring how this nude is in a class by itself! I am just sad that my pics could not even capture how ridiculously beautiful this design truly is.

This is a muted dusty green creme base filled with tiny periwinkle and small matte wine hex glitter. I used 3 thin coats with a topcoat of Seche for opacity. These 3 colors combined together make a lovely medley, I just love the wine colored hexes they make this design stand out and a top Tryst design for me.  
I really cannot stop gushing over how beautiful this collection is. Although there are a lot of light colors they are not(in my opinion)pastels. This design in particular is a beautiful combination of  a dusty pale blue creme filled with different sizes and shapes of blue, pink, and gold glitter and it doesnt look like an Easter egg. Kimberly really has an exciting and exclusive take on all her Tryst designs. 

Bluebells & Cockleshells
For all my lovies out there that like a jam packed glitter jelly, I give you Bluebells and Cockleshells!! This is an off white crelly base filled with tiny and small spring green hex, tiny matte white and royal blue hex, medium  sky blue hex, and iridescent shard glitter. I applied 3 thin coats, occasionally having to use the dab method. I also had to apply 2 coats of topcoat to give it a smooth finish. The finished product is fantastic and I LOVE the fun name, I smile every time I say it aloud!

This smoky blue-grayish jelly was opaque in 3 thin coats. It is jam packed with small and tiny gold and satin baby blue hex and square glitters. This a design that you can wear for work and play. The thing I like the most of this polish is that the glitters look like they are floating on my nails!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I am doing a 2 part series on Tryst Lacquers because I loved so many of designer Kimberly Maranan's creations that I could not fit them into 1 day!! 
Tryst Lacquers is a Canadian based Indie that I came across on Kimberly's Instagram profile. She is also an accomplished nail artist!!! 
The 2 main things I love about all the polishes are the fantastic romantic colors she creates and  the amazing suspension base she uses that make fishing a thing of the past. 
Tryst Lacquers is offering 15% off your entire purchase with coupon code 
Just click on polish name or designer name to take you to her store!

This is Jaded my absolute favorite in the Tryst Collection.  It truly is such a vibrant cool toned jade green creme packed to the hilt with tiny emerald green square and holographic silver hex glitter.  It is so easy to apply (2 thin coats and Seche topcoat) and is absolutely mouthwatering!
Peach Perfect is a pale peach creme filled with small golden iridescent, tiny metallic copper, and metallic spring green hex glitters. The green hexes really made this stand out for me when I applied, and I used 2 thin coats to reach opacity although 3 thin coats is recommended by the Designer. I love this color against my skin tone, very natural look and feel! I just love those light green hexes!!

This is a stunning muted lavendar creme with micro black hex and tiny mint(I LOVE MINT)hex glitters. It took 3 thin coats to reach opacity and just looked lovely on!

I applied 2 coats of this sheer muted turquoise jelly filled with tiny teal and iridescent hex, and large rainbow iridescent square glitters and it literally took me back to the vacation waters of the Bahamas. This "Limited Edition" design is very appropriately named Oceanfront View!
I love how the square glitters pop!
This is Sage Advice and it is brilliant!! I applied using two thin coats and topped it off with Seche. This is a muted pale green creme filled with different sizes of satin white and metallic silver hex glitter. The larger satin hexes make this design ultra romantic! am enthralled with the large white satin hexes!