Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I am so excited to feature Kassi Moughler, designer and owner of Lacquer Junkie.  I was fortunate to come across Kassi's 3-Free polish designs on Instagram.  She is a the proud mother of 4 and a self proclaimed polish addict since grade school. When I received my package from Kassi there was a polish included that said "Name It".  I am so honored she used the name I suggested! Coincidently today is her Birthday!!!! She is offering 24% off your purchase with the coupon code(which by the way she isn't):
I am so honored Kassi took my suggestion of naming this design Dark Ice Princess! Let me tell you why I'm gaga over this! First of all it's a blue jelly, my absolute favorite color. Secondly it has amazingly huge blue hexes that I love and various other glitters that highlight the huge hexes. And lastly I love the name!!!! I applied 2 thin coats over a matching undie(Rain Storm by Sinful Colors) and applied a new topcoat I am trying out by Island Girl. No fishing necessary!!!!
This is 2 coats layered over a matching undie(Unicorn by Sinful Colors).  This polish optimizes Spring in my eyes.  Those fabulous jumbo blue hexes and large red and orange hexes were super easy to get on the brush. Very festive look!
I usually don't buy or review too many toppers but when I say Acid Rain has made me a true believer I mean it! This super light almost clear yellow jelly is magic in a freaking bottle! It is jam packed with tiny neon yellow glitters, small gold shiny hexes and jumbo blue hexes(always a winner in my book)! I had so much fun with it I layered it over 2 different neons by Julep.  I can't wait to layer over black!!!! Kassi will be restocking this awesomeness in a bottle on May 7 so mark your calendars!
I am just amazed on how beautifully 3 thin coats of this pistacio green jelly did without an undie.  I tried with an undie and it really distracted from the uniqueness of the color. I am captivated by the neon pink butterflies, aqua squares, & subtle large neon green hex that make this my favorite of all featured today. My only regret is that I couldn't get a better pic. :0(

This definitely won't be last time you see this designer on my site!  If you want to go to her shop click on polish or designer name! Don't forget to use the coupon code:
to receive 24% off your entire order!

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