Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Please forgive me for such few posts in the last few weeks.  With the end of school quickly approaching I have been swamped getting summer plans and schedules hashed out for my family.
 BLUE MONDAY by BLACK SHEEP LACQUER is a vibrant blue jelly with tons of glitter.  I used 2 thin coats for opacity and a nice topcoat of Seche to give it a high gloss finish.  Sole owner and designer Erin Karaim is having an amazing sale.  30% off all full size bottles! Use coupon code:
I am really impressed with this bright and beautiful red jelly. It had a wonderful application and tons of glitters.  It really looks like a bright delicious strawberry on your fingers.  

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30% Off All Full Size Bottles! Use Coupon Code:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Today I will be swatching and reviewing 2 polishes by 
 This delicious bright blue jelly is COSMIC BUBBLES.  It is filled with white hexes, squares, and teeny tiny pearlescent white glitter.  I absolutely love how shiny and glossy this looked after only 3 thin coats with a topcoat of Seche to complete this yummy look!
I am really digging this unique thermal polish called ICHOR.  I used a pretty teal polish as my base.  I then layered 1 coat of ICHOR (I wish I had used 2 coats but I am still impressed with the results).  It turned clear when warm, the teal polish slightly darkened but was still very vibrant.  As soon as I exposed the polish to cold water it instantly turned to a beautiful sleek black. Remember to wrap the tips of your nails so you get the full effect!

 This is the shift in action! 

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Monday, May 13, 2013


I am so excited to show y'all these 4 amazing polish designs from The White Collection by POLISHAUS LACQUERS.   I came across designer and owner Lesley Urla via her Instagram @polishaus. Go check her out because she is having a blockbuster sale, 40% off her entire stock!!! And when I say her White Collection is gorgeous, it is an understatement.  
BURFDAY FROSTING  is my co-favorite from the White Collection!! This design is full of teal, red, orange, periwinkle, and blue glitter in hexes and squares with a variety of sizes.  Opacity was acheived with only 2 thin coats!  There was no fishing necessary!! It literally looks like a party on my nails, I love it!!!!
CELLIE MINT is so pretty.  This formula is an amazing white creme with opacity acheived in 2 coats.  It is filled with delicious pastel green and periwinkle hex with micro blue glitters  throughout.  I had a hard time between this one and Burfday Frosting for my #1 so they are 
tied for my favorite spot from this awesome upcoming designer.
TAFFETA WHITE has a very consistent and amazing creme formula(they all do).  It is jam packed with adorable teal and coral hexes with micro teal glitters throughout.  The 2 colors really complement each other in a way that my pic could not convey. It is a super pretty combination.  
  No collection is complete without some purple, so here is Purple Rain! There are beautiful purple and gray squares and hexes to make this design a beauty.  2 coats to opacity and like with all these formulas, application was a dream!

Friday, May 10, 2013


 This is Bluebell by ZOMBIE DARLINGS.  This blue/periwinkle jelly has lots of pink, purple, red and holo gliitters.  I used 2 thin coats and a Seche topcoat to complete this extremely romantic look. 
 Hatched by ZOMBIE DARLINGS is perfect for a bright spring and summer day! I really enjoyed the formula on this pretty yellow jelly filled with purple, hot pink, teal and holo glitters with sparkles throughout.  I used 2 thin coats and a Seche topcoat to complete the look above
Last but not least by ZOMBIE DARLINGS is Princess Problems.  This is a dusky pink jelly shimmer filled with teal, yellow, soft blue hex and orange squares and the random holo stars.  It is a perfect flirty polish.  I used 2 thin coats a Seche topcoat. (some fishing for stars required if you want on all nails).
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Thursday, May 9, 2013


 When I opened up my box containing CAMEO COLOURS LACQUERS's Brite, Rainbow Brite Collection I became so excited because what I saw rocked my world!  All these designs have an awesome finish, they are like jellies with a matte look that just blows my mind! As if that wasn't enough, they are all fluorescent black light reactive polishes.  I picked my top 4 of the 6 polish collection to swatch and review for you(which was tough because I loved them ALL), my only sadness was that sole designer and owner Cameo Kingsbury did not include a fabulous blue jelly in this amazing collection. But that is ok because I am having a custom blue made to add to this collection, just another wonderful service Cameo provides!  I came across this designer by way of Instagram last year.  She was one of the first Indies I ever purchased and gives wonderful customer service.  She is having an awesome sale from now until Mother's Day. Click on designer or polish name to go to her shop!
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STOP THE PRESSES! My favorite from this collection is TICKLED PINK (I don't usually like pink).  I have fallen in love with this beautiful neon pink.  I used 3 thin coats to achieve this high quality matte look with no topcoat.  Of course if you want a glossy finish, just use a good topcoat like Seche Vite to complete your own look. 
PATTY O'GREEN is just as delicious and bright with that amazing almost leather look matte finish I can't stop fawning over!  Once again only 3 thin coats and no topcoat to get this green with envy look on my hands!
INDIGO is a jaw dropping, traffic stopping amazing purple in a bottle!  I can't rave enough about how I only used 3 thin coats (no topcoat) to obtain this delicious look.
Make sure you wear your sunglasses when you sport LALA ORANGE!  It is moments like this I wish I had a blacklight to see what this polish does in the dark.  Once again I used only 3 thin coats with no topcoat.  Application of all these polishes is amazing and smooth!
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Today I am reviewing and swatching VOODOO LACQUER by owner and designer Heather Fronda. All of her designs are 3 Free.  Click on designer name or polish name to take you straight to her shop.  She is also having a sale until May 12, save 25% off your entire purchase by using coupon code:
With all the hype on the nail scene with glow in the dark polishes, I have been on a hunt for a glow in the dark polish that does not need to be charged and I found it!  GLOWIN GHOULIES is a glow in the dark neon green filled with tiny black glitters that requires absolutely no charging to glow! This is 2 coats over a white base and application was smooth without any grittiness that I have found with other glow in the dark polish.  
This is my favorite of the designs I swatched(imagine that, it is blue).  This is a lovely blue jelly filled with blue purplish iridescent glitter, smaller black glitter, and fine blue flakes. I really love how the glitters just float on your nail.  I used 2 thin coats with a Seche topcoat to achieve the look above.

Don't forget, VOODOO LACQUER is having a sale until May 12, save 25% off your entire purchase by using coupon code:

Monday, May 6, 2013


Kawaii Nail Lacquer is a designer I found while Etsy surfing.  Sole owner and designer Jamie Constantino has a large variety of lovely colors and glitters in her shop, it was hard for me to pick just 4 to review! Make sure you check her out on Instagram @jamiesayss If you see something you like, click on the designer name or polish name to take you to her shop. She is also running a special! Get 25% off your entire purchase until Mother's Day with the coupon code: 
This beautiful blue crelly is loaded with fine white hexagons, fine teal holo hexagons, with large white hexagons, white bar glitter, and blue stars that make me go gag over this look.  Nothing sleepy about this design, but definitely dreamy!  I applied 3 thin coats of polish plus a Seche topcoat to make this mani "twinkle"!
Beriwinkle has a periwinkle jelly-ish base with tiny magenta and lavender hex, very small magenta and opal (flashes blue) hex, and small grape purple squares!!! This is 3 thin coats plus a Seche topcoat. I wish my pic could have captured the color better, I just love the purple squares!!!!