Thursday, July 11, 2013

Glossy Glam

 Whether you are a nail artist, only paint your nails once in a blue moon or swatch as much as I do, you need a great topcoat to seal in your masterpiece and showcase it in the best possible way.  
 Glossy Glam is the real deal!
I look for 3 super important factors in order to continue using a topcoat. They are all equally valuable and a MUST for me.
1. MEGA Shine
        2. FAST Drying Time
           3. Smoothening Factor

In these last 2 photos I used a purple and a green polish by Island Girl. These Island Girl polishes are super matte.  Glossy Glam gave them the Mega Shine I require in a topcoat.  I like them to actually almost look wet. Done!
Next, it must have a quick dry time. For me, I need it to be under 60 seconds.
  I did several drying time experiments with  Glossy Glam and was pleased to see it completely dry at 53 seconds. It passed my Drying Time test!!!!!
(Keep in mind this was done in my house so , temperature and lighting will affect your results.)
I also work with many different types of polishes. The pic below is a polish I put on that is full of hex,dots and stars called I'm A Star by Neener Neener Nails.

This pic above shows how the stars are not flush on the nail because I placed them myself to test the Smoothening Factor of Glossy Glam.
Look at pic below.

It passed with flying colors. 
Glossy Glam has an amazing Smoothening Factor.  It even gives the illusion that the glitters are suspended in the polish.

I am so pleased to be able to review such an amazing Indie topcoat. 
I whole heartedly recommend Glossy Glam by Rica! 
Click on the topcoat name to take you straight to her shop. She will be putting up another 100 bottles for sale either tonight or tomorrow so keep checking because the first stock literally flew off the shelves.  You can also keep updated via @justricarda on Instagram.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Maria!!! You are so sweet to me! Muah!

  2. How about longevity? Does it make your manicure last? That's something I really look for.

    1. Honestly, I did not and usually do not have polish on long enough to test longevity. But since you asked, I am leaving my current mani on for 24 hours(this is going to be freaking tough) to test and give you some feedback. I'll get back to you tomorrow Lera!

  3. I use Seche Vite as my top coat, but I am always looking for new polishes to try. How does Glossy Glam compare in your opinion??

    1. Hey Lovie!!!
      After my tests, I think it is just as good a Seche Vite but only time will tell on shrinkage. My Seche doesn't start shrinking my manis until the bottle is about half way gone. I'll let you know pretty soon how it does because I see myself using it quite in this near future!
      Talk to later!!