About Me

My name is Bernadette and I am a polish addict!
My obsession with polish started the summer of 2012.  My entire family could not understand but the Instagram community certainly did!!!  My first purchase of Indie polishes was on Black Friday of 2012. I ordered Lovely Lacquer and Manglaze. When they arrived, I was hooked.  My search for the best Indie polishes was on!!!
I am originally from Bronx, N.Y  I have 2 amazing children and am engaged to the love of my life.
I decided create a website to better serve my hunt to find the best Indie Polishes. I am so excited to embark on this journey!
Thank you for taking it with me!!!!!


  1. Ok..... I've learned just a tad bout blogging! Lol maybe this way I can keep n contact with u & ur nails a lil better!! �� Thanks to YOU....... I have a bundle of untrieds I can't keep up with!! Lololol So I gotta get busy!!!

  2. It Worked B!!!!! I'm in !!! Lol Blog on Sista Im with ya now ! XO